Samsung TV Programming Codes

Samsung TV Programming Codes

Let me guess: you have a universal remote and search for Samsung TV Programming Codes. Right?

The TV codes for Samsung TV include 004, 005, 009, 105, 006, 012, 015, 017, 019, 104, 106, 171, 172, 133. You have to check all of these codes one by one but in 10 -15 minutes you are done.

My advice: if you are looking for a Samsung remote control is better to forget. Samsung make nice TV but horrible universal remotes control…

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3 Responses to “Samsung TV Programming Codes”

  1. karman says:

    code samsung ue46d7000 thanks

    • TV Guru says:

      What kind of remote do you use?
      If no one code from article works please try: 0646, 0060, 0030, 0056, 0178, 0032

      • jerome says:

        I have a Bose remote control. None of the codes work that Samsung TV Series 6100 list. I have spent an hour going through the list unsuccessfully. Any help would be appreciated.

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