Philips TV Programming Codes

Do you need Philips TV Programming Codes?

The Philips TV Programming Codes include 183/ 184/ 208/ 213. You have to check all of these codes one by one but in less 10 minutes you are done.

4 Responses to “Philips TV Programming Codes”

  1. Neal Mott says:

    I have been trying to program the remote for an RCA digital converter model# DTA809 to control a Philips27pt6441/37 tv.
    I got the codes from your list and have the manual for the RCA converter. The instructions are in the converter manual, but the remote doesn’t work with any of the given codes. What can I do next?

    Neal mott

  2. uche says:

    I need philips tv programming code number

  3. aiyappa m says:

    Hi my name is aiyappa. our television screen blinks second after second. When I asked the center they told that the television should be programmed. Therefore, I need to know the programming code for Philips television of 21 inch & of type 21PT2125/94/C .

  4. Shannon says:

    Trying to program codes do I have to press the tv button at the same time as I enter the codes

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