Programming Universal Remotes

Manuals for Universal Remotes are so easy to lose. You just get a new universal remote, you spend one hour to Programming the universal remote and throw away the manual on an easy to forget shelf’s corner.
Now, after almost two years you need the Universal Remotes manual to get the codes for Philips universal remote. You can spend whole day to search for the manual or just few minutes to search on Internet for the philips remote codes. What do you choose?

After you easy find the right tv codes for you new TV, you will ask yourself how to Programming Universal Remotes? How to input the tv codes in the remote?

Almost all Universal Remotes have Auto Programming mode. If the Auto Programming don’t work, you must manual set it. To find the digital version of manual for your Universal Remotes you should go on the vendor website and search for the remote control serial number. If you cannot find let a comment here or contact us. We will be happy to help you. Also, we continuously update our website with latest manual for Universal Remotes.

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  1. Muneer says:

    Need to know how to program universal remote control urc-03 please.

  2. Lucy says:

    how can you use cbd isolate

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